ServiceMaster by Mason provides odor control and odor removal services in Rhode Island and Connecticut

When strong odors affect your home, business or vehicle, these harsh stenches can greatly disrupt your life, prevent properties from being move-in ready, and even affect the well-being of your employees and guests. That’s why our highly skilled and certified technicians use the latest technology and products to effectively eliminate problematic smells, including protein, animal, oil and sewage based odors, nicotine, cigar and marijuana smoke, as well as from fire, water and mold concerns.

Whether nuisance animals like skunks and bats have created powerful odors in attics or crawlspaces, a sewer backup has produced a mess of harmful pathogens and malodors, accidents from pets have affected carpets or sub-floors, or nicotine smoke has permeated walls or furniture, these lingering smells require a proven deodorization process, and sometimes multiple treatments to be fully eliminated.

That’s why our owners will meet with you for a no-obligation estimate to view the areas and items affected and quickly determine the best solution and treatment needed for your smelly circumstance. We know how to remove pesky odors for you!

ServiceMaster By Mason can effectively remove:

  • Cigarette/Nicotine, Cigar, Marijuana & Incense Smoke Smells
  • Burnt Proteins Like Meat, Wood & Shellfish
  • Oil, Diesel, Gasoline & Other Petroleum Odors
  • Dog/Cat Urine & Pet Smells
  • Air Duct System Molds & Odors
  • Locker Room Odors (& Eliminates MRSA)
  • Mold & Mildew Odors
  • Curry & Strong Cooking Smells
  • Skunk Spray/Nuisance Animal Odors
  • New Paint, Carpet & Car Smells
  • Sewage Odors
  • Odors from Fire, Smoke & Water Damage

ServiceMaster uses the industry’s most advanced solutions for decontaminating surfaces and contents, purifying the air, and providing deodorization services. We can remove odors for a variety of smells, including getting rid of smoke smell, by using:

  • OdorKlenz: Utilizes latest nano technology to remove airborne contaminates to eliminate odors in hours without using chemicals

  • Thermal Fogging: Neutralizes odor by penetrating wherever it has traveled
  • Ozone: Especially effective on absorbed odors in clothing, drapes and furniture when the residence is not occupied. Caution must be used around pets, plants and other sensitive materials
  • Hydroxyl Generators: Safe alternative that uses a naturally occurring deodorizing vapor, which may be used around people, pets, plants, rubber, plastic, vinyl, textiles, electronics and other sensitive materials

  • CL02 Treatment: Penetrates deeper into all types of indoor materials to wipe-out odor causing bacteria, toxins, viruses and allergens by neutralizing odor molecules and oxidizing the odor. Whether the odors are underneath floors, inside HVAC/Air Duct systems, or penetrating into walls or furniture, the CL02 treatment infiltrates where harsh microorganisms are hiding, and can eliminate any odor within 24 hours


With state-of-the art odor removal technology and commercial-grade products, we can safely eliminate odors quickly and effectively, without masking them. ServiceMaster By Mason’s skilled technicians work hard to fully remove the unwanted odors from your home, business, vehicle, or housing complex with our four-step process:

  • Step 1: Identify odor source
  • Step 2: Select deodorization process

  • Step 3: Proper cleaning of affected areas to remove the odor residue

  • Step 4: Final odor removal process


Some home and business owners may have a need for our professional odor removal equipment, and aren’t certain where to turn for quality equipment at a reasonable cost. For self-pay situations, we offer daily rental and monitoring of key equipment needed for odor cleanup and water damage cleanup, at competitive daily rates. We will assess the situation at your property, deliver the needed equipment, and can monitor the situation daily.

Don’t let lingering pet odors, protein odors or smoke smells from cigarette smoke or cigars disrupt your life or impact your home, vehicle or business. If you need cigarette smoke removal or to eliminate marijuana smoke smells, pet odor removal, or remove sewer smells, ServiceMaster By Mason is available 24/7/365 to control and remove harsh odors and the contaminants that cause them in properties located in Rhode Island and Central & Eastern Connecticut. We offer emergency services, quick response time, work with all major insurance companies, and ensure your satisfaction.

We’re dedicated to controlling and eliminating unpleasant smells and leaving behind a clean and fresh home or business to enjoy! For additional information, please complete the Contact Form. If you need immediate assistance, contact us at 800-934-5869. From South Windsor and Salem, Connecticut to West Greenwich and Richmond, Rhode Island, ServiceMaster By Mason is here 24/7 to assist you.

Love Your Cats But Not Their Smelly Litterbox?

Eliminate nasty animal smells and ensure your home stays odor-free with our unique Air Fresh 102! These powerful cartridges can be placed around your cat’s litter box to keep their area clean and fresh. The purr-fect solution and so cost-effective! Simply place cartridges in their handy dispenser, and neutralize strong odors for 60-90 days in up to 750 sq ft of space! The Air Fresh 102 with dispenser only costs $23 + tax & shipping (as applicable). Call ServiceMaster By Mason at 800-934-5869 to order yours today!

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