Construction, Manufacturing, School, House of Worship & Nuisance Animal Cleanup in Connecticut and Rhode Island

Whether homes or businesses need finite construction clean up once remodeling projects are complete, manufacturing facilities or schools have specialized cleaning needs, churches or synagogues need to prepare for holiday parishioners, or biohazard removal and disinfecting is needed after nuisance animals are removed, ServiceMaster By Mason is equipped to help with professional cleaning and sanitizing services throughout Rhode Island and Central & Eastern Connecticut.

For over 30 years, our team has provided professional house cleaning or house disinfecting service along with industrial cleaning for projects big and small. Call today for a no-obligation estimate at 800-934-5869. We’re here to provide the clean you expect with the service you deserve!


When the construction or remodeling projects are complete at your home or business, our job at ServiceMaster By Mason begins! Our trained technicians use advanced cleaning products and processes to put the finishing touch on newly constructed or remodeled buildings and homes – big and small.  Our post construction cleaning and remodeling cleanup services include effective and proven procedures to eliminate finite dust, dirt, and debris, making your property move-in ready! Plus, we work closely with contractors and other service technicians to accommodate your scheduling needs. 

We specialize in the following construction site clean-up services:

Renovation projects can leave behind a big mess! Let ServiceMaster By Mason remove and dispose of debris, clean and prepare your property with our construction clean-up services, making your property ready to move-in and enjoy.


The periodic cleaning of all surfaces is an important part of any manufacturer and warehouse maintenance plan. For over 30 years, ServiceMaster By Mason has provided disaster restoration and commercial cleaning services to manufacturing and industrial facilities and warehouses. We understand the importance of a clean facility for a strong impression to employees, clients, guests, and to pass company inspections. Our professionals use state-of-the-art products and processes that meet USDA and OSHA requirements to clean manufacturing companies. We work around production schedules and equipment, OEM’s, warehousing and finished stock, and even offer scissor lift operators. 

We specialize in the following manufacturing cleaning & industrial cleaning services:

  • Detailed cleaning of high levels of dust, dirt and residue
  • Clean ceilings, conveyer systems, shelves, warehouses and production equipment
  • Air scrubbing and HEPA vacuums to remove finite particles from the air
  • Concrete, tile, marble, wood and hard-surface floorcare services with enhanced slip resistance
  • HVAC cleaning and air duct cleaning
  • Pressure washing
  • Sanitizing and disinfecting service

From cleaning front office areas to servicing the entire industrial building, we have the experience and expertise to clean manufacturing and warehouse facilities of every size.


Before teachers and students head back to school or take a well-deserved winter or summer break, their classrooms may need some TLC! ServiceMaster By Mason can put the bounce back into your school’s carpets, floors, and classrooms with our restorative school cleaning and school sanitizing services. We offer a wide variety of cleaning services for schools, colleges, and learning centers of any size, from hard-surface floor cleaning and carpet cleaning, to air duct cleaning, and decontaminate and sanitize classrooms, dorm rooms and more. Our team uses advanced carpet cleaning and floorcare products and the most innovative equipment and school cleaning methods, without containing volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) that are known to aggravate health problems and asthma. 

We specialize in commercial cleaning services for schools & daycares, including:

  • Cleaning carpets

  • Wood floor cleaning and hard-surface floor care
  • Cleaning and sanitizing computers, equipment, gym mats, and classrooms
  • Interior wall and window cleaning
  • Dorm room cleaning and sanitizing
  • HVAC cleaning and air duct cleaning
  • Nuisance animal and bedbug cleanup
  • Viral cleanings, bacterial cleanings, and infectious disease clean-up. Disinfecting classrooms and dormitories from harmful germs and illnesses such as Influenza H1N1, MRSA, Norovirus, C.diff & RSV

From annual school cleaning maintenance to regular carpet cleanings or emergency sanitizing services, ServiceMaster By Mason is dedicated to creating a clean learning environment for students, faculty and staff.


Create a welcoming and clean environment for regular attendees or holiday guests with our specialized cleaning services tailored for Houses of Worship. From carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning to sanitizing and disinfecting from harmful viruses or germs, floorcare needs, odor concerns and everything in between, we’re dedicated to meeting all of your cleaning needs.

We use the industry’s most effective products and equipment to fully clean and sanitize all types of carpets, upholstery and floors, leaving them refreshed in high-traffic areas. Whatever your commercial cleaning needs, ServiceMaster By Mason offers flexible scheduling, professional service, and guarantees your satisfaction.

We specialize in cleaning services for Houses of Worship including:

Leave the cleaning to the pros! With our state-of-the-art products and methods, our technicians are dedicated to helping Houses of Worship look their best.


Rodents, raccoons, bats and other nuisance animals and pests can damage your business or home and create unsanitary and dirty conditions. Once these pests are removed, your basement, attic and property may need extensive cleaning to deodorize, sanitize, and remove filth and strong odors. From a complete removal of contaminated surfaces and building materials like insulation and drywall, to thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting walls and ceilings, to providing a deep cleaning of carpets, upholstery and floors, ServiceMaster By Mason is ready to help with wildlife cleanup and nuisance animal cleaning!

Since biological materials can be extremely hazardous, it’s important to reply on experienced professionals to prevent risking your own health. Our experts are certified to control blood-borne pathogens, utilize proper protective gear, and are equipped to handle and dispose of biological materials and waste.

We specialize in the following wildlife cleanup and animal cleanup services:

  • Eliminate strong odors
  • Clean and sanitize walls, floors and ceilings
  • Removal of contaminated surfaces and materials
  • Hazardous clean-up from animal droppings and fluids
  • Carpet & rug cleaning, upholstery cleaning and floorcare services
  • HVAC cleaning, air duct cleaning and dryer vent cleaning

With ServiceMaster By Mason, you get service that meets all health and OSHA regulations, tempered with integrity and professionalism. Whether its unwanted bats in your attic or a mouse infestation, our powerful disinfecting products, equipment and methods ensure the mess and contaminants that unwanted animals leave behind is thoroughly removed. Your home or business is left clean, sanitized and odor-free.

For a no-obligation estimate or to arrange specialized cleaning services for your business or home, complete the Contact Us form or call ServiceMaster By Mason at 800-934-5869. From Coventry and Middletown, Connecticut, to Coventry and Middletown, Rhode Island, and all areas throughout Rhode Island and Central & Eastern Connecticut, our professional team is here to assist you.