ServiceMaster By Mason provides commercial carpet cleaning and care for businesses in Rhode Island and Connecticut

Your carpet is one of the first things clients and colleagues notice when entering your building, and a professional image starts with clean carpets. At ServiceMaster By Mason, our skilled commercial cleaning professionals use environmentally friendly products and methods to protect the original integrity of carpets, sanitize, and promote a consistent appearance. We keep your business’s entryways, hallways, offices and meeting spaces looking their best with our professional detailed cleaning. Whether you need annual carpet cleaning or ongoing carpet maintenance, our trained staff, equipment and products deliver results.

Carpeting represents a substantial investment, and neglect or improper care can lead to matting, fading, fraying and premature and expensive replacement. But regular, thorough carpet cleaning by our skilled professionals can extend the life of your carpets, maintaining their appearance in an affordable and consistent manner. We offer different carpet cleaning methods and programs to meet your needs, timelines and budget.

ServiceMaster By Mason’s commercial carpet cleaning service helps to:

  • Promote a uniform carpet appearance
  • Extend the life of carpets
  • Reduce the spread of germs, bacteria, pollen and mold
  • Remove carpet stains and spots
  • Reduce the effects of wear, especially in high-traffic areas
  • Restore the natural, clean appearance and texture of the carpets
  • Provide an optional Scotchgard™ carpet protector to prevent future spots and spills from settling in


Professionally cleaned carpets can contribute to overall building cleanliness and maintain a healthier environment for your company’s employees. Our deep-cleaning process will clean and sanitize carpets and area rugs, removing built-up mold spores, pollen, dirt and debris, discarded hair and skin cells, bacteria and more! ServiceMaster Clean Green For products were developed for minimal environmental impact and don’t contain perfumes and VOCs that can aggravate allergies and asthma.

Our low moisture carpet cleaning method extends the life of carpets by removing surface soil and also embedded dirt, germs and debris from carpet fibers caused by everyday foot traffic. This method uses less water which results in faster drying times and less interruption to your business. Your carpets will only need deep cleaning annually with our regular low moisture and commercial steam cleaning services.

What to expect with our professional commercial carpet cleaning:

  • Step 1:  Our Technician will inspect the areas to be serviced and review with you the total cleaning cost

  • Step 2:  Apply a pre-spray to the carpet that will dwell for 3 to 5 minutes. This detergent solution breaks down soil embedded deep in the carpet fibers

  • Step 3:  Extract the detergent solution

  • Step 4:  Rinse with hot, clear water to remove residue that might cause carpets to re-soil faster. This creates fresh, sanitized and clean carpets

  • Step 5:  Post-treat any remaining spots

  • Step 6:  Inspect the carpets with you to ensure your complete satisfaction

We use our expertise and resources to transform ordinary tasks into extraordinary service! Our commercial carpet cleaning teams are certified and handpicked for their ability to do the job right the first time. Whether your carpets need a professional cleaning and sanitizing, a special treatment or cleaning after fire damage or water damage, or to remove tough stains like coffee, ink and grease, we’re the carpet cleaning company you can trust! Whatever your industry — healthcare, education, government, hospitality, property management, house of worship, manufacturing, or retail — we can improve your business environment with clean carpets.

Extend the life and appearance of your business’ carpets, with these helpful tips:

  • Vacuum regularly. Vacuum daily in high-traffic areas and twice weekly in medium-traffic areas. Vacuuming from different angles help capture debris from deep into carpet fibers.

  • Keep entrance rugs and walkway mats clean. Their fibers catch and hold particles that can contaminate air quality inside the workplace, so routine vacuuming is a must.

  • Clean up spills quickly. When cleaning up a spill, remember to blot instead of rubbing and work from the edges of the spot to the center.

To keep the carpets at your commercial property in good shape, we recommend setting up your business on a quarterly or annual carpet care program. ServiceMaster By Mason’s commercial carpet cleaning services will provide regular care and maintenance, extend the life of your carpets and create a clean and healthy work space.

For additional information on our commercial cleaning carpet services for businesses in Rhode Island and Central & Eastern Connecticut, please complete the Contact Us form. From Woodstock and Mystic, Connecticut to Kingston and Newport, Rhode Island, our certified Technicians will improve your carpets appearance with our deep-cleaning service day or night! To schedule a no-obligation estimate or appointment, call at 800-934-5869.

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