ServiceMaster By Mason provides marble, vinyl, and hardwood floor cleaning services to homes in Rhode Island and Connecticut

Beautiful marble, vinyl, tile or hardwood floors can be one of the most impressive features of your home. Hardwood and hard surface flooring in hallways, dining rooms, living rooms and kitchens are popular alternatives to carpets. They can add value to a home and create a warm and inviting feeling. But everyday wear and tear from pets, spills, high heel shoes and furniture can gradually dull the appearance of your wood and hard surface floors. When time and use dull your floors, we can help restore their glow.

Although genuine wood flooring can be expensive, caring for it doesn’t have to be. Having your hardwood floors professionally cleaned is less costly than expensive sanding and refinishing and very effective. We believe your hardwood floors and hard surface floors like amtico, concrete and vinyl can and should always look new. Why finish or replace your hard surface or wood floors when we can revive them with our professional floor cleaning.


The experts at ServiceMaster Clean have spent 70 years developing the most effective products and methods for wood floor cleaning, laminate floor cleaning and all types of hard surface flooring to keep them clean, sanitized and looking their best!

We use environmentally friendly, commercial grade products and equipment to create supreme durability and successfully eliminate dirt, dust, oil and other contaminants that can damage hard surface and wood floors. Water-based finishes and sealers safeguard your flooring, offering faster dry times and less harmful fumes than oil-based finishes, thanks to their low volatile organic compounds (VOC) levels. Our proven process will have your hardwood floors and hard surface floors looking newer, longer! When you need residential floor cleaning services, give ServiceMaster By Mason a call.

The benefits of our hardwood & hard-surface floor cleaning includes:

  • Unbeatable clean and shine
  • Reduced wear on floor surfaces
  • Dust-free burnishing
  • Enhanced slip resistance
  • Fast dry times
  • Less yellowing
  • Low odor
  • Simplified maintenance

ServiceMaster By Mason’s technicians have received extensive training in using the newest equipment, products and techniques for marble floor cleaning, wood floor cleaning and cleaning all types of floors throughout your home. Our professional floor cleaning services will remove dirt and debris, lessen the effects of scratches and wear, and renew the appearance of your hardwood and hard surface floors.

What to expect with our residential floor cleaning service:

Step 1:  Our trained technician will inspect your hardwood floors or hard surface floors looking for scratches, discolorations, and cracks
Step 2:  Based on your needs, the technician will recommend the proper way to restore your floors, whether or not it’s a service we provide
Step 3: Fully explain your service and floor cleaning options
Step 4:  Scrub your floors with our professional equipment and commercial cleaning solutions
Step 5:  Our technician will re-inspect the floors with you to ensure your satisfaction

No matter what type of hard surface or wood floors you have, the best way to care for them on a daily basis is by sweeping or vacuuming with soft bristles. Some vacuums have a non-carpet setting that works well on bare hard surface and hardwood floors.

Extend the life of your hardwood, marble, and vinyl floors, with these helpful tips:

  • Use mats or area rugs at all doorways to prevent sand and grit from entering your home and scratching floors
  • Standing water can damage wood floors. Be sure to clean up spills immediately and if water damage occurs call us promptly for water mitigation services
  • Utilize furniture protectors under furniture that will be moved regularly, like dining room chairs. Tennis balls can be cut in half and used as furniture protectors. Furniture can scratch and dent wood flooring
  • Maintain a consistent humidity level in your home. Humidity can cause wood floors to swell, crack, shrink or create gaps

Call ServiceMaster By Mason to give your wood floors, marble floors, concrete floors, tile floors, bamboo or laminate floors the thorough cleaning and protection they need! We also offer slip resistant products for all types of floors.

Please complete the Contact Us form for additional information on our floor cleaning services in Central & Eastern Connecticut and throughout Rhode Island. From Charlestown and Newport, Rhode Island to Glastonbury and Putnam, Connecticut, ServiceMaster By Mason is ready to create clean and refreshed floors in your home. To schedule an appointment, call 800-934-5869.

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