May 13, 2024

Fire Up The Grill Safely This Season

As the weather warms, the delicious scent of B-B-QUE and summertime treats fill the air. But before eager chefs dust off the grill and add the burgers and hot dogs, there are important maintenance tasks to prepare your propane or charcoal grills for a busy season and keep your home and users safe.
According to the National Fire Protection Association, an average of 10,600 home fires are caused by grills each year, with 19,700 patients visiting the ER because of grill-related injuries. And nearly half of all injuries involving grills are thermal burns.


Approximately 61% of all U.S. households own a gas grill, which often go unused for months during the winter. During this time, dents and leaks of propane tanks can occur, and mice, chipmunks and other critters can create a cozy space inside grills, filled with flammable nesting materials.

Get your grill ready for the season ahead with these helpful reminders:

  • Inspect the propane tank for dents, leaks and rust, and double-check the tank’s expiration date. If you have any concerns with the integrity of the tank, replace it!
  • Clean the grill! Remove leftover food, soot or debris by scrubbing the grates with a grill brush.
  • Check for hose and connections for leaks! Use a soap & water solution to clean the hose and connections, then turn on the gas. If bubbles appear then a leak is present. Hoses and connections should be tightened or replaced. You may also need to have the grill serviced by a professional.
  • Move the grill at least 5’ away from the home and deck railings, and away from eaves and overhanging branches.
  • Check your grilling tools for any rust or damage and replace any worn tools.


Once your grill has been inspected, cleaned and moved to a safe outdoor location, it’s time to get those popular foods ready for cooking. But whether you prefer a gas or charcoal grill, there are safety do’s and don’ts to remember:

  • DO keep your gas grill lid open before lighting it
  • DO contact the fire department if you smell gas while cooking
  • DO make certain children and pets stay a minimum of 3’ away from the grill at all times
  • DON’T add charcoal fluid or flammable liquids to the fire
  • DON’T dispose of charcoal grill coals before completely cook (and only use a metal container)
  • DON’T leave your grill unattended

When grill fire issues occur, the smoke and fire can quickly spread across decks and patios and affecting homes. While it’s tempting to reach for household cleaning products to clean soot and smoke damage yourself, unproper cleaning products and methods will “set the soot” and cause permanent damage.

If you experience fire or smoke damage at your home or business, ServiceMaster By Mason is ready o respond 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including holidays. Call us at 800-934-5869.

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