May 13, 2024

7 Property Management Tips & Tricks For Success

Property management requires handling multiple jobs that range from dealing with tenant issues to negotiating contracts for garbage removal, grounds keeping and janitorial services. Effective property management keeps everything running smoothly 24/7. However, things can and do happen. Consider these 7 property management tips and tricks to help smooth out various issues and situations.

1. Set Protocols and Policies; Remain Consistent

Property managers must have set policies and protocols to eliminate miscommunications and potential problems with tenants. All property rules for tenants should be in writing and provided upon lease signing. Likewise, it’s essential for property managers to have protocols in place for different situations. If a tenant violates parking policy, then it’s up to the property manager to follow through with the protocol such as issuing a warning or having the vehicle towed.

2. Keep Up-To-Date Books or Hire a Bookkeeper

Maintaining organized financial records regarding tenant rent and property expenses such as maintenance, employee payroll and trash removal is essential. You have to know what money is coming in and what money is going out. If your other property manager duties don’t allow enough time for bookkeeping, consider hiring a qualified bookkeeper.

3. It’s Okay to Outsource

Sometimes it’s simply good business to outsource — like hiring a bookkeeper when you’re drowning in financial paperwork. Certain repairs should also be handled by specialists. An apartment with carpet that has been soiled repeatedly by pets requires professional cleaning. Look to a full-service provider like ServiceMaster By Mason.

4. Schedule/Perform Routine Inspections to Reduce Problem Risk

Regular inspections can help reduce the risk of potential problems in and around the property and its units. Items to inspect include but are not limited to:

  • Fire/emergency door access
  • HVAC systems
  • Roof and downspouts
  • Decks
  • Windows (check for cracks and sealant issues)
  • Water lines for laundry areas

5. Maintain Supply of Essential Property Management Tools

Each property has its own list of management tools, which may include promotional/marketing materials, safety items and paper essentials such as parking permits and blank lease copies. Keeping a well-stocked supply of property management tools helps the day run smoother and may reduce hassles and headaches. An efficient property manager also keeps inventory lists for on-site maintenance needs, office supplies and emergency essentials.

6. Attempt to Resolve Disputes First without Lawyers

Many tenant disputes can be solved by meeting with the tenant and addressing the issue. Follow all property protocols before threatening eviction and calling in a lawyer. In many cases, the issue can be resolved informally. Most common issues include noise violations, late rent payments and inability for management to enter the apartment to conduct repairs.

7. Establish and Maintain Office Hours

This may seem like the most simple of all property management tips, but it’s important for your tenants to know when the management office personnel is available for non-emergency situations. Established business hours allow tenants to contact property management easily when a maintenance call is needed instead of putting it off and allowing the problem in their unit to worsen, which can lead to costly repairs. Regular office hours also make it easier for prospective tenants to come in and inquire about rental availability. It takes a lot of hard work to successfully manage any property. When you need help with restoration or specialized cleaning services or professional cleaning for carpets, upholstery, hardwood, tile, grout and more, our professional team is ready to handle even the toughest grime. We’ll refresh the unit and have it ready for the next tenant.

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